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PocketFiles® Letter V-Bottom 5th Cut B340
01 . PocketFiles® Letter V-Bottom 5th Cut B340

MAGNIfiles Hanging MFC11-182 Letter V-Bottom Set of 25
02 . MAGNIfiles Hanging MFC11-182 Letter V-Bottom Set of 25

MAGNIfiles Hanging MFC13-183  Letter .5" Box-Bottom Set of 25
03 . MAGNIfiles Hanging MFC13-183 Letter .5" Box-Bottom Set of 25

StationMate™ 5-Pocket Organizer 9-5PKTLD-105
04 . StationMate™ 5-Pocket Organizer 9-5PKTLD-105

WoodWorx® Letter Tray 7WLT-02
05 . WoodWorx® Letter Tray 7WLT-02

SpinFile® Reference Organizer 10-Pocket Wall Mount  5WO10-46
06 . SpinFile® Reference Organizer 10-Pocket Wall Mount 5WO10-46

WoodWorx® Supply Drawer 7WSD-3
07 . WoodWorx® Supply Drawer 7WSD-3

MAGNIFile Strips MFX77-203 Index
08 . MAGNIFile Strips MFX77-203 Index

PolyMAGNIfiles MFY30MB-226 MESH Legal 2" Box-Bottom Set of 25
09 . PolyMAGNIfiles MFY30MB-226 MESH Legal 2" Box-Bottom Set of 25

PolyMAGNIFiles C320-199 Letter (Set of 2)  5" Expanding
10 . PolyMAGNIFiles C320-199 Letter (Set of 2) 5" Expanding

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WalMaster® Binder Holder LG109-266
WalMaster® Binder Holder LG109-266
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Ron  from FL, USA
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Product Name Model Price  
50% Off Binders Best Built® Slim 1.5 inch KBF81-43KBF81-43 - 50%Off$88.00 
Binder Carousel 1 Tier for Desktop 448401-44448401-44$489.00 
Binder Carousel 2 Tier with Legs 480402-45480402-45$665.00 
Binder Carousel 3 Tier with Legs 480403-46480403-46$888.00 
Binder Carousel 4 Tier with Legs 480404-47480404-47$1,099.00 
Binder Carousel 5 Tier with Legs 480405-48480405-48$1,460.00 
Binder Carousel Add On Tier 488411-49488411-49$129.00 
Binder Carousel Casters 441050-50441050-50$100.00 
Binder Carousel CD Organizer Set 441500-53441500-53$149.00 
Binder Carousel Optional Worktop 488412-51488412-51$177.00 
Binder Carousel Organizer Set 441450-52441450-52$129.00 
Binder Carousel Pull Out Shelf 588410-54588410-54$229.00 
Binders Best Built® Slim 1.5 inch KB63-42 (Set of 4)KB63-42$99.80 
Binders Slim Presentation Binders A693V-503A693V-503$63.70 
Cabinet 10 Drawer Organizer MD121-1501MD121-1501$197.00 
Cabinet 10 Drawer Under Desk MD291-1511MD291-1511$300.60 
Cabinet 3 Drawer Organizer MD123-150MD123-150$139.00 
Cabinet 5 Drawer Organizer MD125-151MD125-151$149.00 
Cabinet 6 Drawer Under Desk MD296-152MD296-152$225.00 
Cabinet 8 Drawer Under Desk MD298-153MD298-153$264.00 
Cabinet CD Media 4 Drawer CD480-1491CD480-1491$596.00 
Cabinet Media 5 Drawer Tambour ST405-163ST405-163$1,779.00 
Cabinet Media 6 Drawer BCF96-149BCF96-149$1,500.00 
Cabinet Media 7 Drawer ST6571-1631ST6571-1631$2,399.00 
Cabinet Media 7 Drawer ST7872-1632ST7872-1632$2,561.00 
Cabinet Media MultiDrawer 0329-1620329-162$325.00 
Cabinet Multidrawer Fax Station FX0692-161FX0692-161$465.00 
Cabinet Trolley Base MD29TR-154MD29TR-154$60.00 
Documate Organizer 5 Dividers, 3 Shelves D103-210D103-210$116.00 
Documate Organizer 7-Dividers 1-Hanging file DO80H-208DO80H-208$118.00 
Documate Organizer w Shelves, Dividers, Hanging DO53H-207DO53H-207$99.00 - $119.00 
Documate Organizer with 9 Shelves DO48-212DO48-212$120.00 
Documate Organizer, 6 Shelves, 4 Dividers DO76-211DO76-211$125.00 
Documate Vertical Organizer D130-209D130-209$119.00 
Dry Erase Whiteboard 2 x 3 Convex H34101-233H34101-233$184.00 
Dry Erase Whiteboard 3 x 4 Convex H34301-234H34301-234MSRP: $254.00
Our Price: $254.00 
File Trolley 3 Shelf StoreAll SL5030-2061SL5030-2061$176.00 
File Trolley Double StoreAll SL5307-206SL5307-206$149.00 
Flat Screen Monitor Arm 920117-131920117-131$295.00 
Flat Screen Monitor Arm 920217-130920217-130$378.00 
Flat Screen Monitor Arm 920317-132920317-132$270.00 
Flat Screen Monitor Arm H5070-133H5070-133$69.00 
Flat Screen Monitor Support 920017-129920017-129$189.00 
Flex Information 10-Pocket Reference Organizer HN3410-282Hn3410-282$169.00 
Flex Information 20-Pocket Reference Organizer HN3420-283HN3420-283$229.00 
Information Organizer 10 Pocket Flex HN3610-283HN3610-283$154.50 
Information Organizer 10 Pocket KVW20-37KVW20-37$72.00 
Information Organizer 10 Pocket NDO20P-23NDO20P-23$115.00 
Information Organizer 10 Pocket NMSSAOOP-33NMSSAOOP-33$299.00 
Information Organizer 10 Pocket NWO20P-22NWO20P-22$79.00 
Information Organizer 10-Pocket Add-On Expansion NAO20P-29NAO20P-29$93.50 
Information Organizer 20 Pocket NDO40-24NDO40-24$187.00 
Information Organizer 30 Pocket NDO60-25NDO60-25$249.00 
Information Organizer 40 Pocket NDO80-26NDO80-26$314.00 
Information Organizer 50 Pocket NDO100-27NDO100-27$385.00 
Information Organizer 60 Pocket NDO120-28NDO120-28$439.00 
Information Organizer Add On Set KVDA20-39KVDA20-39$58.00 
Kaitaia USPS ShippingMSRP: $71.20
Our Price: $71.20 
Magnetico Accessories 4050Mag4050$39.90 
MAGNIfile Strips MFX55-201 WhiteMFX55-201$9.95 
MAGNIFile Strips MFX66-202 GrayMFX66-202$9.95 
MAGNIFile Strips MFX77-203 IndexMFX77-203$23.95 
MAGNIFile Strips MFX775-204 IndexMFX775-204$11.95 
MAGNIFile Strips MFX88-205 AlphabeticMFX88-205$19.95 
MAGNIfiles Hanging MFC11-182 Letter V-Bottom Set of 25MFC11-182$64.50 
MAGNIfiles Hanging MFC13-183 Letter .5" Box-Bottom Set of 25MFC13-183$72.50 
MAGNIfiles Lens/Track MFY725MFY725$21.90 
Mail Organizer 12 Slots 3 Wide TD12-76TD12-76$138.00 
Mail Organizer 15 Slots 3 Wide TD15-77TD15-77$165.00 
Mail Organizer 24 Slots 3 Wide TD24-78TD24-78$232.00 
Mail Organizer 36 Slots 3 Wide TD36-79TD36-79$352.00 
Mail Organizer 48 Slots 3 Wide TD48-80TD48-80$420.00 
Mail Organizer 6 Slots 3 Wide TD06-74TD06-74$72.00 
Mail Organizer 60 Slots 3 Wide TD60-81TD60-81$520.00 
Mail Organizer 72 Slots 3 Wide TD72-82TD72-82$620.00 
Mail Organizer 9 Slots 3 Wide TD09-75TD09-75$123.00 
Mail Organizer Add On Highwall Tier 3 Slot TDA3H03-93TDA3H03-93$42.00 
Mail Organizer Add On Tier 3-Slots, 3-Wide TDA03-83TDA03-83$36.00 
Mail Organizer High Capacity 12 Slots 3-Wide TD3H12-91TD3H12-91$144.00 
Mail Organizer High Capacity 15 Slots 3-Wide TD3H15-92TD3H15-92$176.00 
Mail Organizer High Capacity 6 Slots-3-Wide TD3H09-90TD3H09-90$116.00 
Mail Organizer High Wall 6-Slots 3-Wide TD3H06-89TD3H06-89$84.00 
Media Carousel 4 Tier 468400-247468400-247$1,759.00 
Media Carousel 7 Tier 468700-248468700-248$2,599.00 
Memo Board Message Center Organizer DE10MO-223DE10MO-223$136.00 
Peggy: Legs for Stationmate (set of 2) Smoke9-9LGLD-104SMSRP: $5.00
Our Price: $5.00 
Phone Arm Platform Extender 795090-142795090-142$28.00 
PocketFiles® Legal V-Bottom 3rd Cut B385B385$32.95 
PocketFiles® Legal V-Bottom 5th Cut B380B380$27.45 
PocketFiles® Letter V-Bottom, Full Cut B368B368$33.95 
PocketFiles® Letter Full Cut 1" Box Bottom B318B318$9.95 
PocketFiles® Letter V-Bottom Full Cut, B315B315$33.95 
PocketFiles® Letter V-Bottom 3rd Cut B345B345$23.95 
PocketFiles® Letter V-Bottom 5th Cut B340B340$21.95 
PocketFiles®Letter Full Cut 2” Box Bottom B373B373$15.00 
PolyMagnifiles C315-399 Letter (Set of 2) 2 1/2" ExpandingC315-399$23.95 
PolyMAGNIFiles C120-200 Letter (Set of 5) 20-CD HolderC120-200$18.95 
PolyMAGNIFiles C220-200 Letter (Set of 2) 80-Diskette HolderC220-200$39.00 
PolyMAGNIFiles C320-199 Letter (Set of 2) 5" ExpandingC320-199$26.95 
PolyMAGNIfiles MFY19-192 Letter V-Btm (Set of 25)MFY19-192$115.00 
PolyMAGNIfiles MFY30-219 Legal V-Bottom Set of 25MFY30-219$105.50 
PolyMAGNIfiles MFY30MB-226 MESH Legal 2" Box-Bottom Set of 25MFY30MB-226$115.50 
PolyMAGNIfiles MFY30MV-225 MESH Legal V-Bottom Set of 25MFY30MV-225$93.50 
PolyMAGNIfiles MFY40-195 Letter .5" Bx-Btm (Set of 25)MFY40-195$145.00 
PolyMAGNIfiles MFY45-196 Letter 1" Bx Btm (Set of 25)MFY45-196$155.00 
PolyMAGNIfiles MFY47-213 Letter 2" Bx-Btm (Set of 25)MFY47-197$185.00 
PolyMAGNIfiles MFYA06-198 Letter (Set of 8) 6-Pkt AccordianMFYA06$69.20 
PolyYMAGNIfiles MFYAO3-197 Letter (Set of 8) 3-Pkt AccordianMFYA03$55.60 
PortaFile Expanding File A450 (set of 2)A450$24.95 - $29.90 
PortaFile File Jacket NA735 Legal 1" Expanding (Set of 2)NA335MSRP: $21.95
Our Price: $21.95 
PortaFile Magazine Files NA220 (set 0f 2)NA220$21.95 
PortaFile Project Box NA130 Letter 71/2" (Set of 2)NA130$29.90 
PortaFile Project Box NA155 Legal 51/2" (Set of 2)NA155$29.50 
ScopeMaster Telescoping Phone Arm 71400-14171400-141$151.00 
SpaceRiser Platform M80130-228M80130-228$220.00 
SpaceStation 10 Pocket Organizer 770010-124770010-124$154.00 
SpaceStation Mini 20" Wide Shelf 750060-119750060-119$139.00 
SpaceStation Shelf 30" Wide 750076-116750076-116$174.00 
SpaceStation Shelf 30" Wide 750W76-120750W76-120$136.00 
SpaceStation Shelf 39" Wide 750100-117750100-117$198.00 
SpaceStation Shelf 39" Wide Wall Mounted 750W100-121750W100-121$161.00 
SpaceStation Shelf 47" Wide 750120-118750120-118$218.00 
SpaceStation Shelf 47" Wide 750W120-123750W120-123$189.00 
SpaceStation Swing Shelf 73400-128173400-1281$165.00 
SpinFile Reference Organizer 30 Pocket 5SFRB030-425SFRB030-42$250.00 
SpinFile® Reference Organizer 10-Pocket 5SFRB010-405SFRB010-40$127.50 
SpinFile® Reference Organizer 10 Pockets 5DC010-435DC010-43$95.00 
SpinFile® Reference Organizer 20 Pocket 5DC020-445DC020-44$155.00 
SpinFile® Reference Organizer 20-Pocket 5SFRB020-415SFRB020-41$200.00 
SpinFile®Reference Organizer Extending 10 Pocket 5DCEA010-455DCEA010-45$130.00 
SpinFile® Reference Organizer 10-Pocket Wall Mount 5WO10-465WO10-46$82.00 
StationMate 5 Pocket Wall Literature Display 9-5pktldw-1059-5pktldw-105$57.50 
StationMate Wall 3-Pocket Organizer 9-3PKTLDW-1039-3PKTLDW-103$54.95 
StationMate Wall 6-Pocket Organizer 9-6PKTLDW-1069-6PKTLDW-106$92.95 
StationMate™ Literature Display 36 Pocket DR6476DR6476$389.00 
StationMate™ 1-Pocket Organizer 9-1PKTLD-1019-1PKTLD-101$25.00 
StationMate™ 2-Pocket Organizer 9-2PKTLD-1029-2PKTLD-102$40.00 
StationMate™ 3-Pocket Organizer 9-3PKTLD-1039-3PKTLD-103$54.95 
StationMate™ 5-Pocket Organizer 9-5PKTLD-1059-5PKTLD-105$67.50 
StationMate™ 6-Pocket Organizer 9-6PKTLD-1069-PKTLD-106$77.50 
StationMate™ Literature Display 12 Pocket DR6472DR6472MSRP: $135.00
Our Price: $95.00 - $135.00
Savings: $40.00 (30%)
StationMate™ Literature Display 18 Pocket DR6473DR6473$198.50 - $198.50 
StationMate™ Literature Display 24 Pocket DR6474DR6474$264.50 
StationMate™ Literature Display 30 Pocket DR6475DR6475$329.00 
StationMate™ Literature Display 6 Pocket DR647DR647$69.50 
StationMate™ Literature Display 6-Pocket 9-6PKTPD-113DR601$65.00 - $72.95 
StationMate™ Literature Pamphlet Display 12 Pocket DR6972DR6972$135.00 
StationMate™ Literature Pamphlet Display 18 Pocket DR6973DR6973$202.50 
StationMate™ Literature Pamphlet Display 24 Pocket DR6974DR6974$269.00 
StationMate™ Literature Pamphlet Display 30 Pocket DR6975DR6975$328.50 
StationMate™ Literature Pamphlet Display 36 Pocket DR6976DR6976$388.00 
StationMate™ Literature Pamphlet Display 6 Pocket DR697DR697$67.50 
SteelWorx Magazine File Set of 2 LG401-305LG401-305$64.00 
SteelWorx® 1-Wide Platform LG361-7000LG361-7000$38.00 
SteelWorx® 3-Wide Platform LG363-7002LG363-7002$110.00 
SteelWorx® Bridge LG360-2993LG360-2993$125.00 
SteelWorx® Vertical File LG305-297LG305-297$175.00 
SteelWorx® 2-Wide Platform LG362-7001LG362-7001$78.00 
SteelWorx® T-Topper LG308-2991LG308-2991$44.00 
SwingFile 3-Trays w/ Desk Clamp 720300-135720300-135$149.00 
SwingFile® Phone Arm 2-Trays with Desk Clamp 710210-139710210-139$176.00 
SwingFile® 2-Trays w/ Desk Clamp 720200-134720200-134$109.00 
SwingFile® 4-Trays w/ Desk Clamp 720400-136720400-136$159.00 
SwingFile® 4-Trays w/ Desk Clamp 721400-137721400-137$149.00 
SwingFile® ScriptLifter 2-Trays with Desk Clamp N72174-220N72174-220$247.00 
SwingFile® ScriptLifter w/ Desk Clamp N74000-219N74000-219$174.00 
SwingFile® SpaceStation 2 Tray Set 720050-125720050-125$89.00 
TalkMaster Phone Arm Extending 3-positions 710000-14071000-140$149.00 
TalkMaster Phone Arm Wall Mount 795-2000-145795-2000-145MSRP: $25.00
Our Price: $25.00 
WalMaster® 15"x15" Grid Section LG1515-7016SL1515-7016$21.50  
WalMaster® 48"x15" Grid Section SL1548-7019SL1548-7019$42.50  
WalMaster® 60"x15" Grid Section SL1560-7020SL1560-7020$49.50  
WalMaster® Binder Holder LG109-266LG109-266$85.00  
WalMaster® CD Holder 10 Slots LG102-259LG102-259$26.00  
WalMaster® Desk Mount Rail 48 inch N48DR-255N48DR-255$159.00 
WalMaster® Grid System 2-Part Custom Designed PWH-0001PWH-0001$460.00 
WalMaster® Hanging File Supports LG108-265LG108-265$20.00  
WalMaster® Hot File LG103-260LG103-260$54.00  
WalMaster® Letter Tray LG107-264LG107-264$51.00 
WalMaster® Pencil Cup Holder LG101-258LG101-258$34.00 
WalMaster® Supply Tray LG106-263LG106-263$51.00 
WalMaster® Wall Mount Rail 30 inch N30WR-252N30WR-252$64.00 
WalMaster® Wall Mount Rail 48 inch N48WR-250N48WR-250$82.00 
WalMaster® Desk Mount Rail 30 inch N30DR-257N30DR-257$139.00 
WalMaster® Desk Mount Rail 36 inch N36DR-256N36DR-256$149.00 
WalMaster® Grid 2" (Set of 3) Partition Hanging Hooks BDGH23BDGH23$8.50 
WalMaster® Grid 3" (Set of 3) Partition Hanging Hooks BDGH33BDGH33-7021$8.50 
WalMaster® Panel Mounting Brackets NPMB-254NPMB-254$19.95 
WalMaster® Phone Platform LG105-262LG105-262$33.00 
WalMaster® Rail 36 inch N36WR-251N36WR-251$70.00 
WalMaster® Rail 60 inch N60WR-7015N60WR-7015$94.00 
WalMaster® Wall Mounting Brackets NWMB-253NWMB-253$19.95 
WhiteBoard InfoStand with Rotating Base H36001-227H36001-227$75.90 
WoodWorx Media Drawer Hanging File Combo 7WMHFC-347WMHFC-34$170.00 
WoodWorx ®Media, Supply Drawers-Letter Combo 7WMSLC-287WMSLC-28$156.00 
Woodworx® 1-Wide Platform 7WP1-137WP1-13$26.00 
WoodWorx® 4-Wide Platform 7WP4-167WP4-16$119.00 - $140.00 
WoodWorx® Cube 7WC-107WC-10$68.00 
WoodWorx® Letter Tray 7WLT-027WLT-2$26.00 
WoodWorx® Reference Organizer 10-Pkt 7WPRO-297WPRO-29$115.00 
WoodWorx® Reference Organizer 20-Pkt 7WPRO-20-297WPRO-20-29MSRP: $159.00
Our Price: $159.00 
WoodWorx® Step Up File Dividers 7WSUFD-67WSUFD-6$28.00 
WoodWorx® Wall File Legal 10-Pocket WM10WF-83WM10WF-83$155.00 
WoodWorx® 2-wide Platform 7WP2-147WP2-14$69.00 
WoodWorx® 3-Letter Tray Combo 25-7W3LC7W3LC-25$78.00 
WoodWorx® 3-Supply Drawer Combo 7W3SC-297W3SC-29$132.00 
WoodWorx® 3-wide Platform 7WP3-157WP3-15$99.00 - $110.00 
WoodWorx® Casters (Set of 4) 7WC4-187WC4-18$20.00 
WoodWorx® Cube Shelves 7WCS2-117WCS2-11$26.00 
WoodWorx® File Holder 10WWFH-7610WWFH-76$54.00 
WoodWorx® Hanging File 7WVHF-87WVHF-8$84.00 
Woodworx® Laptop Stand 7WLS-207WLS-20$55.00 
WoodWorx® Laptop Stand w 2 Letter Trays 7WLS2LC-217WLS2LC-21$107.00 
WoodWorx® Laptop Stand w Drawer 7WLSMC-247WLSMC-24$141.00 
WoodWorx® Laptop Stand with 2 Drawers 7WLS2SC-227WLS2SC-22$142.95 
WoodWorx® Laptop Stand, Tray, Drawer 7WLSLTSC-237WLSLTSC-23$125.00 
WoodWorx® Magazine Files Set of 2 7WMF-127WMF-12$75.00 
WoodWorx® Media 2-Drawer Combo 7W2MC-307W2MC-30$172.00 
WoodWorx® Media 4-Drawer Combo 7W4MC-317W4MC-31$344.00 
WoodWorx® Media Drawer 2-Letter Tray Combo 7WM2LC-1727-7WM2LC$138.00 
WoodWorx® Media Drawer 7WM-47WMD-4$86.00 
WoodWorx® Media Drawer Step Up File Combo 7WMSUFC-327WMSUFC-32$170.00 
WoodWorx® Media Drawer-Vertical File Combo 7WMVFC-357WMVFC-35$170.00 
WoodWorx® Pockets for Refence Organizer 11WROP-1911WROP-19$55.00 
WoodWorx® Printer T-Topper Combo 7WTTLSC-407WTTLSC-40$114.00 
WoodWorx® Reference Organizer Board 7WROB-757WROB-75$132.00 
WoodWorx® Step Up File 7WSUF-57WSUF-5$84.00 
WoodWorx® Step Up File Combo 7WSUFLSC-337WSUFLSC-33$154.00 
WoodWorx® Supply Drawer 7WSD-37WSD-3$44.00 
WoodWorx® Supply Drawer-2 Letter Tray Combo 7WS2LC-267WS2LC-26$96.00 
WoodWorx® T-Topper Combo 7WTT2SC-387WTT2SC-38$133.00 
WoodWorx® T-Topper Combo 7WTT2LC-377WTT2LC-37$96.00 
WoodWorx® T-Topper Combo 7WTTMC-397WTTMC-39$130.00 
WoodWorx® Vertical Combo 7WVFLSC-367WVFLSC-36$154.00 
WoodWorx® Vertical File 7WVHF-77WVHF-7$84.00 
WoodWorx® Vertical File Dividers 7WVFD5-97WVFD5-9$34.00 
WoodWorx® Wall File Feet 10WWFF-8010WWFF-80$16.50 
WoodWorx® Wall File Letter 10 Pocket W10WF-81W10WF-81$132.00 
WoodWorx® Wall File Letter 5-Pocket W5WF-82W5WF-82$98.95